Select: Left mouse Button

Drag and drop elements: Left mouse Button

Rotate left:  A / left arrow

Rotate right: D/right arrow

Expand: W/ up arrow

Shrink: S/down arrow

The controls are whack and I know it. But to document a WIP build, this will have to do. 

Not available for mobile. 

So Anyway. This is Build a Head, a little Picrew-esque game. I used to play so many dress up games in Flash, this is a bit of a homage. But primarily it is part of a collection of games/game demos I am working on around the topic of Prosopagnosia. 

What is a face? What elements are needed? When do we recognise that it is, indeed, a face? In pursuit of that, here is a socially acceptable option of making your own face to your liking. 

Also the visual elements on the sides got messed up in the export and now I'm sad. 

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