Info: This game is not yet finished, this is a beta that still needs playtesting and may be subject to big or small changes.  

"In Illness" by singingstranger is a small narrative experience with an explorable world, created with the game engine Bitsy. 

It explores a few hours out of the day of the protagonist couple, Violet and Sarah. Violet has fallen ill, the doctor tells her there is nothing wrong with her though. In the game you explore how Sarah and Violet interact during the course of the night after getting this bad news. 

Nearly half of U.S. Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition. Illness can hit anyone at any time and when diagnosis takes a long time it can have devastating mental effects and cause a large financial burden. The anxiety and stress on those afflicted and their loved ones can be overwhelming. 

Yet life goes on around the affected people like normal.

In a space where, at worst, the next meal, the next walk or even tomorrow is uncertain people can crack if they have to bear the burden alone. 

That is what community is there for. 

The game may not be a grand philosophical exploration of mortality. But it is a small exploration of Violet and Sarah's life.

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