A small Twine project about taking a walk. Myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is a commonly post-viral disorder that can be debilitating and lead to extreme fatigue and even becoming bed bound. It can hit anyone at any age and is commonly mis-treated and under-diagnosed. 

But living with a chronic condition can make it hard to keep up personal relationships. Balancing when to push yourself and when to rest, knowing when to say yes to an invitation and when to say no. I myself do not have ME, but I do have chronic fatigue from other conditions. I have decent control over it at this time,  but it still affects my day-to-day decision making. This game is inspired by my own experiences with fatigue and trying to handle relationships during flares. 


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This hit home for me, haha. I don’t suffer from ME, but I had chronic pain for the last few years and sometimes it just felt exactly like that. Just some notes: There’s some “|” symbols behind some single sentences and sometimes some answers have a period and some don’t. Otherwise a small but impactful application, nice work.

Chronic pain is awful to deal with... Thank you for pointing out the errors! I'll see that I find time to fix them!