Enya  is a mushroom fairy who lives in a symbiotic relationship with a tree. The tree is beginning to die so she needs to go and save the tree.

Enya's home

Prototype  of "Recollection" (formerly "Tree Adventure) for a little art project for my game design class. 

This prototype is exhibited at a school internal presentation from the 11th - 12th February 2020. 

Her former name Mia was a nod to the amazing Mia games by Kutoka Interactive games.

The game currently requires  only a mouse to play.


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Amazing, I like the Idea of finding the pieces of the puzzle in the environment, maybe some more difficult puzzles like you actually have to work to get the piece 

Oh I love that idea! I enjoyed binding things into the environment, I think I will enhance that mechanic a bit more. Perhaps if you collect all the pieces you then have to arrange the puzzle yourself?

yes, I found it a bit frustrating that I didn’t get to put the puzzle together myself