To escape, press esc.

To restart, press R. 

Movement: Arrow Keys and WASD

Interacting with certain elements: Space and Enter

This is an early development build, there can be game breaking bugs and glitches. 

So what do I do?

Go take a walk! 

So what is it about?

Walking Simulator is a 2D game about taking a walk and exploring the neighbourhood. The style is based loosely on Flat Games (a genre  that commonly uses very minimal coding and 2D animation to tell a story or concept). And the subject matter is chronic fatigue, pain and disability. 

Walking simulators are a tongue in cheek, slightly mean way of describing games that do not offer a lot of interactivity through player input and your primary objective is to walk around. "Dear Esther" by The Chinese Room, "Gone Home" by Fullbright and "Firewatch" by Campo Santo are renowned examples of this genre. Personally, I love walking simulators. They allow a fascinating way to tell a story and I find a lot of the stigma around them pretty unfair. 

Of course, this game is not a 3D, open world explorer. It is a small 2D side scroller where all you can do is go left and right... and sometimes only left. 

Walking simulators are often about being unobstructed in just exploring and walking around. So what if you cannot do that so easily?

So how was it made?

Unity2D engine. I wrote the code myself, made the animations and put it all together. While not my first Unity2D project, it is my first time doing my own programming 100%, without working off of other people's codes or getting help. It's a challenge to myself. 

The music is self composed, however it is a place filler and was originally part of another project.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity
Tags2D, flat-game, Unity, Walking simulator


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love, love, love the idea!! and graphics are cute too :3

Thank you so much!! I love how simple the false-pixel style is to make but how good it looks when it's done!